Lake House Reception Center

                                                                                                   Brunch Menu
                                  Brunches are served Buffet Style with Orange Juice, Coffee, Tea, and Water

Menu I                                                                                                    Menu II
$25.50++ Per Person                                                                                  $27.50++ Per Person

Scrambled Eggs                                                                                        Scrambled Eggs
Bacon & Sausage                                                                                      Bacon & Sausage
Creole Seasoned Grits                                                                                Creole Seasoned Grits
Assortment of Biscuits & Muffins                                                                Assortment of Biscuits & Muffins
Honey Glazed Carrots                                                                               Cheese bake Hash Browns
                                                                                                             Honey Glazed Carrots

Menu III                                                                                                 Menu IV
$29.50++ Per Person                                                                                 $33.50++ Per Person

Scrambled Eggs                                                                                       Scrambled Egg Casserole
Bacon & Sausage                                                                                     (Eggs, ham, green onions, cheese & mushrooms)
Creole Seasoned Grits                                                                                Bacon & Sausage
Cheesebake Hash Browns                                                                          Creole Seasoned Grits
Assortment of Biscuits & Muffins                                                                Cheese bake Hash Browns
Fruit Tray with Cream Cheese Dip                                                             Assortment of Biscuits & Muffins
Honey Glazed Ham                                                                                  Fruit Tray with Cream Cheese Dip
Green Bean Casserole                                                                                Honey Glazed Ham
                                                                                                             Green Bean Casserole
                                                                                                             Southern Bread Pudding

All prices are based on a 20 person minimum. Sunday events have a minimum of 50 guests. If your guest count is less than these requirements, you can purchase the minimum amount and take all remaining food. All brunches are allotted two hours. Some exceptions apply, please ask for details. A 25% deposit (minimum of $250.00) is required to book a date. If your event total is above $2,500, then the deposit will be $750.00. This deposit is a partial payment towards the balance, not a separate fee.

Add 20% service fee and 10% sales tax to all menus

A La Carte Selections


Soft Drinks $3.50++ Per Person
Mimosas $7.50++ Per Person
Bloody Marys $10.50++ Per Person


Assorted Miniature Quiches $3.00++ Per Person
Assorted Sandwiches $4.00++ Per Person
Spanikopitas $4.00++ Per Person
Grillades with Gravy $4.00++ Per Person
Chicken and Sausage Gumbo $4.50++ Per Person
Fried Crab Balls $5.50++ Per Person
Seafood Gumbo $6.00++ Per Person
Shrimp and Grits $6.00++ Per Person

Event Manager
Uniformed wait staff
Set up and Clean up of the facility
Skirted tables, linens, silverware, and glassware
Use of the facility and property for 2 hours for event (3 hours for 51+ guests)

*Please ask about special weekday pricing!