Lake House is a safe and welcoming space! 

If you want your guests to really feel the love, it's important to think about inclusion! Being mindful of the diverse needs and situations of your guests will ensure they feel seen, valued, comfortable, and cared for. We've listed ways our venue makes your event more inclusive.

  • ​We are LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • We offer a Spanish-speaking wedding coordinator. 
  • ​The venue has a wheelchair ramp for elderly or disabled guests, as well as dedicated parking spaces.
  • All restrooms are accessible and spacious.
  • Your venue coordinator will customize on reception layout that provide plenty of space for wheelchairs or larger bodies, or even varying height tables and chairs for those with limited mobility.
  • We stock different types of chairs for guests with weight requirements.
  • We can assist elderly or disabled guests with drink and food service.
  • We offer allergy and dietary accommodations.
  • We allow live streaming of your event for guests who are unable to come in person.