The Floorplan below is for a reception set up with seating for 90 guests, Sweetheart table for wedding couple, the DJ and the bar area in the ballroom (left) and seating 30 guests and the buffet table in the Camellia room (right). As you can see, there is plenty of room in the ballroom to add more tables or change the layout of the setting placement. We normally have four tables in the Camellia room along with the long buffet table on the back wall in there. The cake is set up in the middle of the foyer (middle/black floor). The main dressing room is pictured to the right with rug on the floor. The second dressing room is located behind the back foyer wall with the wood flooring. We have a massive wrap around porch for additional seating for your guests to enjoy. Lake House customizes every floorplan to accommodate your preferences for your event.